About Us

The Bowl Guard Story

Let me start out by saying we finally have a product that’s saving us lots of time, worry, and hassles. You may have heard that “necessity is the mother of invention” and the Bowl Guard system is no exception.

Here is how Bowl Guard came about. We had a home in Michigan and a condo in Florida. We also had a small cabin in the northern part of Michigan. Over the years, due to evaporation we had to ask someone to go over and flush the toilets every month. Well, this got old real quick, so we started paying people to flush the toilets. After a while we gave up on our friends and neighbors to do this task.

If we didn’t use the house or condo for a few months, we would smell the sewer gases coming from the toilets the minute we opened the doors. The House would smell so bad and was not very healthy. That’s not the end of it, it got worse.

On one particular trip we came into the condo and found the water in the toilet had evaporated and 500 to 600 flies had come up out of the toilet bowl sewer pipe. They were dead on the floor and also a few 100 still flying around.

At this point I decided we had to fix this problem. This is when a team of Engineers and myself started to work on developing the Bowl Guard Device. After two years of testing and manufacturing many different items we came up with something that was easy to use, and only took a few seconds to install. Note Bowl Guard also can be removed quickly allowing Toilet usage.

The Bowl Guard by PueHoe Group was 100% what we were looking for! You simply place it on the toilet and never have to worry about it again. In 2019, after many tests, we tooled up to manufacture Bowl Guard toilet protectors. It can protect you from Harmful Outside Sewer Gases.

Today, the Bowl Guard toilet protector is used in many of the “Out Of Service Toilets” In Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Homes and Condos.

Thanks for reading about us and I hope when you use Bowl Guard you feel comforted that this small little device helps to keep your property healthy and protected. Patent Pending. Helps Stop Covid-19 and other virus from entering by the sewer systems via your toilets when not in use. Patent Pending. Made In USA