Stop Smells From Toilets Not In Use

Helps Stop Toilet Water Evaporation

When You’re Out Of Town and That TOILET Is Home Alone, it Can Put Up a BIG STINK.
It needs BG Bowl Guard!

Need to cover up an out-of-service toilet in a hurry?
You Need BG Bowl Guard!

What is Bowl Guard?

Bowl Guard is an amazing new product that makes your life easier in a number of ways:


Seals the Bowl Rim without Adhesive and won’t come off without a Tug!


Installs in seconds - No Tools required!


Keeps Your Pets from Drinking Nasty Sewer Water!


Helps Stop Water Evaporation!


Stops Insects, Odors, Rodents, Snakes, Big Bugs!

Stops Water Evaporation

Easy to Use
No Tools

Bowl Guard is Self Sealing
Where’s Bowl Guard?