Each Package includes 2 Bowl Guard Covers
This item mounts on the toilet bowl rim. For health reasons and for the protection of our buyers, returns are not accepted.


Box includes a Set of 2 Bowl Guards

  • Bowl Guard Canopy Cover has just been introduced this Year - There is Nothing like Bowl Guard being Sold In USA until NOW - Its Brand New - You won't and can't find It anywhere else except by BowlGuard that's Mfg by PueHoe USA
  • No More Getting on Your Hands and Knees Trying to Wrap the Toilet with Stretch Wrap or Garbage Bags. No Need.
  • Seals to Bowl without any mess, No Glue Needed, Installs Without Tools in Seconds, Reusable and also Saves You Lots of Money!
  • Stop The Stink Now – Keeps Bad Gases, Insects, Sewer Odors, Rodents From Entering your Bathrooms.
  • Put one on when it's "Out Of Service" or "Plugged Up".
  • Also Used When Toilets will be Unoccupied for Months at a time.
  • Its great for the second Bathroom toilet you never use. The one you flush every month just to keep it full & fresh, maybe the basement toilet.
  • Keeps Pets from Drinking Contaminated Water and Adds to Good Pet Health.
  • Also Keeps your Bathroom Safe and Healthy for your whole family. It can Stop Viruses (Covid) and Bacteria that could enter by the Sewer & Sewer Gases.
  • Used In Condos, Apartments, Schools, Hospitals, Restaurants, Rv's, Cabins, Homes, Government Buildings, Military Bases, Airports or Anywhere Sh.. Happens.